Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My dad

Sunday was the second Father's Day and couldn't give good wishes to my dad. You see, he died in 2008. I think of him often, his good nature, his ability to fix almost anything around the house and his way of taking life in stride.

Dad and I weren't very close when I was growing up. He wanted to make sure the house was as spotless as possible, especially outside, and I was into sports, big time. I didn't want to learn about tools and home repairs and he didn't want to play baseball or basketball with a sports crazy son.

Other dads coached their sons, or at least came to their games. Not my dad. He was too busy around the house. Looking back on it, that's just the way he was.

As I got into my 20s, we got closer, but we really grew close when I bought my first house. He taught me so much in those years before me died. He wasn't a good teacher, couldn't explain himself very well. But I watched and learned. I can't count the number of projects he helped me complete, or should I say, I helped him complete.

He taught me how to be a dad. A good dad. To me, that means being there for my kids whenever they need me, no matter in issue. I hope some day, Erin, Justin and Katie will say the same about me.

Thanks, Dad.

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