Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Being a dad is an awesome responsibility

I love being a dad. It comes with much responsibility, but if done right, the rewards are even greater.
As parents, we really have only a small window of time to help our kids grow to be good, productive adults. After that, we have to sit back and see if our lessons have taken hold.
The best way to lead your children into adulthood is to be involved in their lives each step of the way; from the time they come home as infants to the day they graduate from college. Teach them that life is full of twists and turns, that even in down times to stay positive, that with hard work, things will turn around.
Volunteer in the groups they are in, whether it be Scouts, sports, music, theater, or something else.
When my two older kids were in preschool, I volunteered to help out. When Erin played softball in grade school, I was one of the coaches. Likewise for Justin, I helped coach his baseball team in first grade, and later, when in fourth grade, I was the head coach. And I was the head coach of his soccer team from first through sixth grade. I didn't know anything about soccer, but I learned quickly.
How many times did I drive Erin the dance classes and Justin to piano lessons? I can't count that high.
And now with Katie, who is still a toddler, I will do the same. I will be there every step of the way. I describe myself as a hands-on dad. If you are going to be a good parent, that's the only way to be.