Friday, March 26, 2010

Kids are all different

Hi, and thanks for logging on to my blog. In my blog I will be telling stories about my three kids. They are all great, but oh so different. Here is a little bit about them.

Erin is a freshman in college. I love her to pieces, but we have never been able to talk. Or rather, she will not talk. I ask questions, and she answers, but usually in one-word answers. It's like she's paying by the word. The more words in the answer, the more she owes.

"How was your day?" I would ask. Of course the answer would be "good". "And what was good about it?" And her answer: "I don't know."

She has always gotten good grade, so I can't complain too much. And she hangs out with good kids.

For every word that Erin utters, Justin says 1,000. You can't keep him quiet. He's a high school junior and has always had something to say. I remember when he was in grade school. Me: "How was your day at school." Justin: I first came in a hung up my coat. Then I sat down at my desk and got out my books."

Well you get the picture. Twenty minutes later he would come up for air, finished describing his day.

Katie may be taking after Justin, but it's too early to tell. She's 16-months old and talking up a storm. The only problem is my wife and I can't understand a word she's say. But give her time. I hope she is somewhere in the middle, talking more than Erin, but maybe not quite as much as Justin.

We have been blessed with three great kids. I know many of you dads will be able to relate.