Friday, June 11, 2010

Good kids

How do you know if you are or were a good parent?

Well, in my mind, it takes years to tell. Not until your children are teenagers or out of high school or college and employed can you tell for sure. And maybe not even then.

For me, looking at who my two older kids, Erin, 19, and Justin, 17, have become, make me feel I have done a good job, so far.

Erin just finished her freshman year in college with good grades and has a summer job. I met her latest boyfriend this week and he seems like a nice guy.

And as I was jogging this morning, who do I see at the tennis courts but Justin and two of his band mates. It was great to see them getting exercise on a late spring day. And Justin has become a fairly good tennis player.

We exchanged hellos and I continued my run.

Are they perfect kids? No. But we are all flawed individuals. I just try to give them unconditional love and hope they learn from their mistakes. I'm lucky to have two good teens.

As for my third child, Katie, she is only 18 months, but she has already gotten into lots of "toddler trouble." And that's OK. She's learning the difference between right and wrong.

What kind of teen will she be? Only time will tell. I will try to lead her in the right direction. But no matter what, I will give her unconditional love.

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  1. Just wanted to tell ya that I'm loving your blog.. It's nice to hear a dad's point of view once in a while..