Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day

What makes a great Father's Day? I guess it depends on the dad. Some dads might like to get a call from their kids, if they are on their own. Other dads might like lots of gifts to show the kids' appreciation for a job well done.

Me? I just wanted my three kids to be together and have some fun. So was it a great Father Day for me? You bet.

Erin, Justin and I played some basketball and I just happen to take those two teens to school, showing them dear old dad can still shoot the lights out of the roundball.

Katie and Mommy watched the play, and afterward, I filled Katie's baby pool and she went "swimming." And after Erin left for work, Justin and I played tennis. He's gotten too good.

And still later, Mommy, Katie, Grandma and Grandpa came down and the six of us went for a little walk.

Grilled hot dogs for dinner and a big, special "Father's Day cookie" to top it all off. By the way, I received a golf bag and electric razor as gifts.

But that's a minor point. Having all three kids with me on Father's Day was the best present of all. Thanks, kids. You are the best.

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