Saturday, July 10, 2010

Two words

As parents, we are our children's first teachers. They learn from us through example. They watch how we handle situations that occur each day.

Life throws each of us curves from time to time. Bad things happen to good people. It's how we handle those things that will define us and teach our kids how to handle similar situations when they happen. We can either handle them with grace and learn from them, or we can fall to pieces and point fingers.

Two words have helped me get through tough times: Stay positive. I think of all the good points in my life. I have a career, a loving wife and three great kids. I have a house, two cars and probably most importantly, we are all healthy. That's probably the biggest point of all. It's been said that if you have your health, you have everything.

Will I ever be rich? No. Drive a fancy car? No. Live in a mansion with servents? No. But I look at the glass as being half full, not half empty. I have to, or else I would not be happy.

So next time life drives you into a pot hole, stay positive and think positive. Your kids will be watching and learning from your positve attitude.

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