Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

I have good reason to be thankful this year. You see, I had a stress test a week ago and it showed some abnormalities in my heart. The doctor wanted to do a heart cath on the spot.

I delayed it until Monday, but when the day came, it showed an artery that was 90 percent blocked. Why? I didn't smoke, I ran, played tennis, golf and rode my exercise bike.

I did have a strike or two against me. I didn't eat that well. I love sweets, and probably eat  more cookies, cakes and ice cream than I should. And then there is family history. My dad had his first heart attack when he was my age.

The doctors placed a stent in my artery on Monday, and 24 hours later I was out of the hospital. I feel good and the whole episode was a wakeup call to eat better.

I can't exercise until next week, but when I resume, I plan to give it all I can. I thank the doctors and nurses who gave me great care and to my family for their loving support.  This is one Thanksgiving I will always remember.

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